I Love my work!

I feel grateful I get to spend my days with people who are making strides in their health. These are some of the updates I hear.

“I haven’t been able to sleep in my bed for months and after 1 session I could sleep lying down, thank you.”

“I thought I was headed for surgery.  Now I have full range of motion, no pain, and the numbness has completely stopped.”

“I went in for my ultrasound today and my baby was head down. I no longer need a C-section. Thank you!”

“I couldn’t believe it.  My toothache I’ve had for weeks completely disappeared after our last session. I can’t wait to tell my dentist.”

“I can’t describe it fully, but that feeling of being lighter, happens after every session.  I like it.”

Your Partner in Health, Jill Still MAc
To all my clients I want to say, "Thank you! You got yourself here.  You committed to a treatment series, you made lifestyle changes.  I'm thrilled you are feeling better, and I too am amazed by acupuncture and advanced health. It makes me so happy to see your progress!"
Jill Still, MAc
Integrative Acupuncturist

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Navy Sailor

I have always been skeptical of acupuncture without ever having experienced it. I have three children in the medical field and was encouraged by them to give acupuncture a try to help with the wear and tear on my body from my years of military service. I have been regularly scheduled for acupuncture for several months now and have found some relief from daily pain and the bonus of renewed energy from my regular treatments.

I have added acupuncture to my regular chiro and massage appointments, which has helped further mitigate the daily pain I have had for years. My body is thankful that I have added acupuncture to my regular routine!

Jill Still has been a blessing! She is professional, caring, and very helpful to those who are new to acupuncture. She encourages questions and is very prompt to communicate with her clients.

Jen Pegues

Alpine Integrative Acupuncture is so much more than just acupuncture. When I first started, Jill’s pace of explaining different treatment options and administering acupuncture always met me where I was at. Everything about the nature of her office is calm, and healing oriented, and she thoroughly communicates prior to doing anything. In addition to acupuncture alleviating the intense side effects and greatly helping me through chemotherapy, surgery and radiation last year, I also jumped into the world of laser therapy, I-rest Meditation, and utilized AIA as a liaison to a functional medicine doctor on the East Coast to address health issues and concerns I’ve had since childhood. While nothing is ever a quick fix, and everything Jill provides in her office offers clients multifaceted approaches to overall wellness. If you’ve ever thought, can acupuncture or functional medicine benefit me, schedule a 20 minute free phone consultation to ask your questions and hear what she has to say for herself.

Acupuncture specifically helped my body be ready to receive chemotherapy, invasive surgeries, and also radiation. It greatly helped my body manage the pain (most specifically), but also the digestive and other side effects that paralleled my cancer treatments. I had never experienced acupuncture, but decided to jump into it with an open mind. I can honestly say that if I hadn’t taken the leap, I wouldn’t be remotely close to where I am today – both in my physical and mental health.
Every additional treatment, supplement, or device recommended to improve my health overall that I have utilized has been worth trying and I cannot be without in daily life.  I strongly urge you to try a consult with Jill to see if it’s a good fit for you, especially when every other approach has fallen short.

Virginia Plett

Jill has helped me in so many ways. I first started seeing Jill to help me manage arthritis pain. But her wholistic approach wound up helping with stomach more!  

5 element acupuncture is such a wonderful experience! The needles are tiny and all you really feel are short zings of healing.

Laser therapy is also offered at Alpine Acupuncture. This cutting edge technology helps cells to heal quicker and was an important part of my pain management.

Jill also offers access to an online dispensary for supplements that will help your body to be it’s best!


Starting at Alpine Acupuncture has completely changed my health and in result my life all for the better. I had gotten so used to bloating, pain and misalignment that I thought it was my normal. Having a resource not only as knowledgable but as caring and compassionate as Jill is exactly what we all need on our individual health journeys. Jill has given me the tools and support to understand and listen to my body. She listens in a way where you know she is 100% invested in your health journey. I feel safe, seen and heard with her. 

If you are feeling confused, overwhelmed and frustrated about various aspects of your health, I cannot recommend Jill enough. I feel so lucky to have found her. (May 2023)

Paul Webb

I started with Jill back in August 2022 for my back pain that was making it difficult to walk. I had a knee replacement in July and been suffering with severe sciatica for a few months. The pain was so bad that I could barely walk. Back surgery was scheduled for Oct.

I was skeptical on whether acupuncture would help me out. I went to the first few appointments and found the experience pleasant. Normally after a day or so I would feel relief from the pain and made it manageable until my surgery in October. In conjunction with my PT, acupuncture has been a big help in my recovery.

I recommend acupuncture as a way to manage pain. I appreciate how Jill has worked with me on both my knee and back pain issues and I highly recommend Alpine Acupuncture. It has been one of my best experiences for 2022.

Shaun McCormick

Several months after breaking my collarbone, I was experiencing consistent numbness in my right arm, which was affecting my job and family time. After a few months of acupuncture and some other treatment and advice with Dr. Jill, I now have full use and no numbness in my right arm. I really appreciate the work she has done to get me back to the activities and work I enjoy!

John Drips

Jill is a patient and thorough acupuncturist. The first thing that the acupuncture helped with was my hesitation about needles.

The first session was SO relaxing. In-network with Aetna, billing was easy, discounts for cash customers.

Her style of Acupuncture (Five Elements) is minimalist and calming.

She checks in throughout the session, allows time for relaxation, and is open to feedback.

Her biller worked with my insurance company to ensure the claims were fully paid. Excellent!!

Millie Hodges

My experience began with Jill explaining her procedures in a thorough and calming way! I felt very safe and happy to be able to have Jill do acupuncture on me!

After the acupuncture procedure I felt absolutely calm and my back felt youthful with no pain! I enjoyed being able to talk with Jill during the procedure! The procedure does not hurt at all!

I am getting supplement support through Jill (via Telehealth) to help my immune system stay strong. 

Throughout Covid I received good advice that helped me deal with the virus!

I strongly recommend Jill because she is extremely knowledgeable in her field! She continues to study and is interested in helping her clients feel good in the long run!


Alpine Acupuncture is fantastic! Look no further If you are seeking professional and compassionate care. Jill is simply the best.

Acupuncture has helped me considerably with my quest to obtain balance and good health following breast cancer.

Jill teaches me so much about health and I love using the glutathione patches!

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