Alpine Integrative Acupuncture Services

We help children and adults advance their health, decrease their pain, and improve their function and mood, without unwanted side effects so you can get back into action and have energy to pursue your passion.

We specialize in acupuncture, regenerative laser therapy, integrative and functional health, phototherapy, and meditation to support your body/mind to return to a state of healing.


Classical Five-Element Acupuncture (CFEA) treats a wide array of medical diagnoses, but you need not have a specific condition to benefit from it. This unique and powerful form of natural healing helps correct imbalances and symptoms before they become more serious and manifest as illness or disease. It helps people gain deep, long-lasting vitality and enhance the quality of their lives. Learn more.

Classical 5-Element Acupuncture

Integrative and functional health

Wellness is more than getting rid of symptoms, it’s exploring the cause of symptoms, and having actionable steps to address those root causes.  Your wellness, health, mood, and vibrancy can be improved by addressing your inner landscape, the amazing organs that work tirelessly to keep us going.  It’s time to give your gut, liver, and detoxification pathways support and they will thank you with increased energy, immune resilience, and access to that inner state of happiness.  Learn More.

Regenerative Laser Therapy

Alpine Integrative Acupuncture Utilizes The Erchonia GVL Laser Systems.

Deeper healing is achieved by adding natural, ideal frequency energy to deficient or damaged organs, tissues, cells, & mitochondria.

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If you are interested in reducing stress, decreasing anxiety, pain, or depression, improving interpersonal relationships, and/or renewing a sense of control over one’s life, meditation may be an option for you. Each person is unique and it is vitally important to find tools or resources that work for you. The beauty of iRest® Yoga Nidra is it is accessible to anyone, anywhere, and at any time, whether you are an experienced meditator, rarely sit still for longer than 30 seconds, or are simply curious. Learn more.


Phototherapy combines the science of light therapy patching with the benefits of acupuncture point stimulation to address and resolve symptoms and to promote the natural healing mechanisms of the body. Learn more.

Supplement Support

We offer practitioner grade supplements through Cellcore, Fullscript Online Dispensary, and more. If you are a client and interested in purchasing high-quality supplements, please talk to Jill at your next appointment. Learn more.

We care about your results

It is our passion to watch you grow into a new state of wellness, find your self-vibrancy, and have the energy and health to pursue your passions. 

You truly can get better.  It’s about making changes in a way and in the right order so your body can heal.  

We are here to guide you by taking out the guesswork and getting to the steps that actually work.

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