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Fullscript has 300+ high-quality brands and 20,000+ products. 

If you are a client and interested in purchasing high-quality supplements, contact Jill to get your account set up or ask at your next appointment.

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Cellcore products available at the clinic

Cellcore Products and More

I am excited to offer you some of the most beneficial supplements on the market when it comes to improving your inner terrain, gut, immune, and systemic health. I have used these products myself and they offer more than other brands because of their advanced carbon technology.

You can purchase directly at Alpine Acupuncture or patient direct ship.  Let’s determine the best way to get you these amazing supplements.  

You truly have to try them to feel the difference.  Use my special code to get a discount on your order.  Patient direct code:  DOrzExpZ.  Remember you must input this code in order to receive the discount.

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