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Booking Options

1. In-Person: You can schedule a follow-up session during your appointment.

2. Phone/Email: You can text (907) 796-9984 or email for appointment options.

3. Online Booking Link: Once you have established care and completed your initial intake session (in-person or via Telehealth), you are considered an existing client and can book yourself in for treatment or sessions using the online booking link. This booking link is available 24/7.

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Advanced Health Experience
Protocol Questions and Progress Updates

Alpine Advanced health Experience
Question/Update Form

Welcome!  It is exciting to be working together to find root causes and solutions!
I applaud all your efforts and am here to answer your questions.
In order to help answer your questions, please use the question form.
It will help us both keep track of questions.  It is my goal to focus educating clients on the process so that you can really understand the purpose of each program phase or activity and learn how/when to make modifications on your own.
I will respond with a video response or written response within 48-72 hours.
If you need an immediate response, please text me/Jill at (907) 796-9984.
The process for asking questions and getting feedback will evolve over time.  I welcome your feedback as we progress throughout the program.

Cellcore Protocol Information

Learn more: Cellcore Protocol Options

Alpine Acupuncture + Advanced Health Coaching specializes in a unique approach to health.  Available only at Alpine Acupuncture, Comprehensive+ and Foundational+ protocols focus on individualized protocols that add additional support for energy, drainage, mold, heavy metals, parasites, candida, lyme & co-infections, and more.

Cellcore has outlined basic protocols in their comprehensive and foundational protocols.  These protocols are transforming people’s lives.

Kiddos with:

  • heavy metal exposure,
  • autism,
  • food sensitivities,
  • allergies,
  • eczema,
  • and more.

Adults with:

  • gut issues,
  • depression/anxiety,
  • breast implant illness or other implantable devices,
  • professional athletes,
  • amateur athletes,
  • everyday professionals looking to get a health and performance edge,
  • women with complex health issues,
  • and more. 

If you would like to learn more about the Cellcore Comprehensive and Foundational protocol, click below to read the full descriptions.

Note: Alpine Acupuncture clients receive exclusive discounts on products.

Comprehensive Protocol- 9 months

 Foundational Protocol – 4 months

 Full program instructions will be provided at your intake and follow-up appointments.

"What makes the Alpine Advanced Health program unique is the addition of extra energy, drainage, lymphatic, and lifestyle guidance to enhance your healing potential," Jill Still, MAc.

(Required for Advanced Health clients)

Additional Intake Questionaire or Forms

Advanced Health Clients: Your practitioner may request additional intake forms.  Please complete if you have been advised to do so.

Cellcore Assessment- sent directly to you via Cellcore portal. Check your email.

Health Questionaire–  If requested by your practitioner, please complete this form.  This provides additional information to individualize your protocol.

Please submit any blood work or labs, email to