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This test is valuable for EVERY client, especially those who have persistent symptoms and/or those interested in supporting their body and mind as we age.  Our exposure to heavy metals, including aluminum can greatly impact our health and brain, and can affect how we age.  

One of the reasons I use the oligoscan is to measure aluminum in the body.  There is some evidence that shows aluminum can affect brain health and may contribute to Alzheimer’s.  This one simple test can show if your body is storing aluminum.  If it is present, there is a very simple habit you can add to your at-home routine to reduce your aluminum load.

Sample test report is available below.


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Oligoscan- Test Example

Oligoscan FAQ

The Oligoscan measures intracellularly, allowing one to observe what happens in the muscle or in the venous blood, extracted from muscular tissue, therefore giving an estimate of the intra-tissular bioavailability.

Blood tests show metals, which have circulated recently. Metals are dumped within a few days from the blood stream into the peripheral tissues and can eventually be stored in deeper organ tissues. High blood levels of toxic elements are therefore, usually only evident after an acute, not chronic, exposure, to that element or its byproduct. The amount of minerals and trace elements is kept fairly constant in blood. Many people with muscle cramps often have a normal magnesium level in serum, or measured in the red blood cells. The Oligoscan in these cases show a magnesium deficiency.

Urinalysis shows to what extent the body can excrete metals. In a normal spontaneous urine sample almost nothing is excreted. Only after the body is provoked are increased metal concentrations found in the urine. This is done with a challenge or provocation test for toxic heavy metals. This is a valuable test that shows in what amount metals are present in the extracellular environment. Because the Oligoscan measures intracellularly, the challenge/provocation test and the Oligoscan are completely complementary. 

A hair analysis shows which metals were present during the last few weeks or months, subject to external factors (hair dyes, products, etc). But if a body cannot detoxify well, lower amounts of metals will be found in hair. This is called false-negative results. 

While blood, urine, or hair analysis can take weeks, the Oligoscan provides results immediately. 

The actual measurement with the Oligoscan is very simple. After entering the necessary patient’s data, the Oligoscan takes four measurements on the palm of the hand. The light beam (spectrophotometry) will determine the intensity of the electromagnetic signals of the 43 elements. Thereafter, the results are sent to the secure Oligoscan server and become available after 20 seconds. 

On Page 1, you will find the results of 21 minerals and trace elements and 7 key Vitamins, including a global overview of deficits and surpluses,

On Page 2, you will find the results of the 15 toxic heavy metals, including the global metal intoxication and the extent to which the sulfoconjugation of the liver is blocked. That is a function of the liver in order to neutralize toxins. The ratios of four major pairs are calculated: Ca/Mg, Ca/P, K/Na and Cu/Zn. In percentages, the degree of oxidative damage versus protection is calculated (oxidation versus anti oxidation). 

On Page 3 (Optional), the degree of acidity (acidosis) and the preposition to diabetes and allergies are listed. Finally, ten functions are analyzed based on the vales of all elements, such as enzyme activity and the cardiovascular system.

The Oligoscan is connected with a USB cable to a computer that must have an internet connection. The measurement with the Oligoscan is done by means of a light beam (spectrophotometry). Nothing is faster than light and the connection to our Server with which your computer is communicating with is as fast as normal Internet traffic. The results are known within a minute after entering the patient’s information.

The OligoScan device has been validated by our scientific team with an important series of comparative tests in regard to clinical symptoms among the patients. In addition, there were relevant correlations with other measurement methods observed.

It's never been easier to measure your heavy metal and mineral status using the oligoscan