It’s a safe, effective technique that uses LifeWave phototherapy patches to stimulate acupoints. This helps relieve symptoms so you can feel better!  There are many ways you can use AcuPatching™ to help you and your family, kids love the patches. And you get to patch at-home! This easy and accessible therapy is even available to those who live in smaller towns or remote villages in Alaska. Book your strategy session today!

Live in a small village or remote area? Are you missing your acupuncture treatments? This patch technology is available to you!

AcuPatching™ is designed for Kids too!

Surgery or Injury Recovery

Have an upcoming surgery or healing from an acute injury or procedure, phototherapy patches are an essential tool in your rehabilitation! Pain relief, wound and scar healing, anxiety/ depression support and more. Get started pre or post-op. Can be used in conjunction with your other rehab services (PT, OT, etc). Book a strategy session and receive a plan of care designed specifically for you. Once you receive your patches, you will have a unique therapy that you can do at home to support your surgery or injury recovery!

Remote Health™ Strategy Session

Want a customized AcuPatching™ plan to help your unique symptoms. You’re in the right place.

Brain & Nervous System Reset

Looking to feel more relaxed, calmer, happier or have less ‘brain fog’. If you have history of stress, head injuries or other neurological conditions, let’s get started.

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Anti-aging, Weight-loss, Male Fertility, Scar Treatment, Detox, PMS and more! In the meantime you can book a strategy session to explore these topic areas.

The X39 patch is versatile and has been found to help with pain relief, mental clarity, wound healing and more!

Learn more about the X39 Experience!

What can Light Therapy help with?

Healthy Immunity & Respiration

Pain Relief & Recovery

Focus & Behavior Issues

Digestive Wellness

FAQs and Tips for Using the Patches

Make sure you are well hydrated, and that you don’t have any mineral deficiencies. We are bioelectric beings, so water and minerals will help optimize the conductivity of the patches. Drink at least 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water daily; it is also good to drink a glass of water before applying the patches. If you don’t already take a magnesium supplement, you can consider taking one orally or topically; alternatively, you can take Epsom salt baths. You may also consider taking a copper supplement. It is advised to have your magnesium and copper levels checked in your annual blood work to verify your levels and supplement needs. It is also important to eat healthy fats and proteins, including wild fish or a daily Omega 3 supplement. You can purchase high quality supplements at

LifeWave recommends that you wear the patches for 12 hours then dispose of them. When I’ve been injured or in pain, I typically use them for 12 hours before replacing them. Under normal circumstances, I have found that I can usually get 24 hours of use with the patches and get the same benefits. I recommend wearing the patches 12 hours a day (if that works well for you), then reusing the patch the next day for another 12 hours. If you only wear the patch for 8 hours a day, you can reuse it three times and so forth. (Note: X39 can ONLY be worn for 12 hours at a time. Remove after 12 hours).

Options for Reusing the Patches

You can remove half of the backing on the first day and then the other half of the backing on the second day. Or, if you need the patch wholly adhered to your skin, you can tape the patch on the second day with paper tape.

Storing the Patches between Uses (Reusing Patches)

I suggest placing the patches in a small bowl between uses. You will want to store the bowl away from heat or sunshine. It is not recommended to place the bowl next to your bedside stand as they can be activated if a body is within 6 inches. You can use a permanent marker to label the patch on the top if the backing is no longer attached. This is helpful if you are reusing multiple patch types. 3 Night application example: you are using the Alavida patch over 3 nights. Night 1, take off half backing, place patch. Sleep well. Remove in morning and place the patch in your small bowl. Night 2, remove 2nd adhesive, place patch, sleep well, in morning place in the bowl. Night 3, use medical tape if needed to secure the patch a 3rd night., sleep. In the morning dispose of the patch in your regular waste bin.

Ensuring the Patches are Waterproof

The patches are waterproof as long as there is a secure seal around the entire patch. It’s easy to achieve on flat body surfaces like the back, arm, or leg.

On smaller or curved surfaces like elbow, wrist, or finger, you may not be able to get a secure seal, so avoid getting the patch wet.

Yes! The patches work by reflecting the light your body emits up to 6” away from your body. This allows the patches to work even when applied over or under clothing, bandages, casts, socks, and even shoes. Some people prefer to apply the patches to their pillow at night.

Repetitive patching on a specific point

Some people can have sensitivity or irritation from patching on the same point over a course of several days to weeks. You can minimize a potential reaction by washing your skin with soap and water daily to remove the adhesive. You can also use your favorite moisturizer after you remove the patch. You may also consider patching on top of your clothing. For curved areas you may consider using cohesive non adhesive tape, and then placing the patch on top of the material.

All patches can be safely disposed of in your regular waste.

If you experience any symptoms of detox, such as nausea or headaches, you may be more sensitive to that particular patch or that patch placement. You can mitigate these symptoms by drinking water with electrolytes and/or removing the patches. Once you remove the patch, your symptoms should resolve in the next few hours.

If you have a reaction please let your practitioner know. Everyone’s sensitivity to the patch experience is different. Some people feel absolutely nothing and some people can feel the patch effects immediately and some people have a ‘reaction’ to the patches. All these scenarios provide important information that can help your practitioner modify your plan of care. No one wants to have a reaction to something, let alone something that is supposed to make us feel better. However, reactions are not necessarily bad. There are several reasons for a reaction and your practitioner can support you in making modifications. You may need to wear that particular patch for a shorter duration of time (e.g. 1-4 hours). Your system may need to get used to the patch effects before using for longer periods of time. It may mean a different patch may be a better fit for your constitution. It may also mean the patch is a good fit but one of the other placement suggestions is indicated. Your practitioner will help identify which changes are needed and fine tune your patch plan so you can continue on your wellness path.

AcuPatching™ is a lot like acupuncture. Some people feel results immediately, others take 2-3 days, and some take months before they feel a noticeable difference. Your practitioner will work with you to modify the patch plan as needed to optimize results.

Patching for Surgery Recovery

Do not wear the patches during your surgical procedure. There is no hard and fast rule on when to begin patching after surgery. It depends on your type of surgery and how your recovery is going. If you feel stable in your recovery, you may begin wearing the patches when you are feeling ready to do so. Here are some examples: If you have a minor surgery where you are going home the same day, you may consider patching 24 hours after getting home. If you have a moderate surgery, and are feeling well enough, you can begin patching 72+ hours after your procedure. If you are having a major surgery, it is encouraged to let your body have time for its natural healing processes. You may want to wait until you are feeling stable and ready to add the patches to your rehabilitation plan. You may consider patching approximately 1-2 weeks after your surgery. If you have any questions about when to use your patches, please ask your practitioner. You are also encouraged to check with your doctor and/or rehabilitation team and ask their opinion on if/when it is safe to incorporate phototherapy patches as part of your rehabilitation.

Your acupuncturist is here to assist you and coach you through this process, so please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

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