Hi, I'm Jill!

As an acupuncturist and advanced health specialist, I am happy to share integrative health techniques you can do from your own home. 

Curious if phototherapy can help you recover faster from your surgery or injury, let’s chat.

I love helping clients feel better, and THESE phototherapy patches HAVE AMAZING RESULTS!

Phototherapy is perfect for surgery and injury recovery, as well as chronic pain, sports performance and more. I have coached people with ACL surgery, meniscus surgery, knee replacements, multiple bone fractures, muscle tears, sprains, strains and more.  

I am continually amazed to see the progress people make when they use phototherapy patches. Hearing patients feel empowered during their recovery brings me so much joy. I love seeing clients making huge strides using the patches.  

It is my mission to help people recovering from surgery, injuries, & chronic pain to get back into action faster and stronger.
JILL STILL, Acupuncturist and Remote Health Coach
LightWave patches


Recovering from surgeries and injuries can be mentally and physically exhausting — let phototherapy patches, your new edge, enhance your natural healing and get you back into action!

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I love when clients send pictures showing how much their inflammation has decreased, their pain has diminished, and they are getting back to what they love!

Moms, dads, kids, athletes, and many awesome people are using the patches and seeing results.

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If you’ve recently had a surgery or an injury, I understand what it feels like to be in pain and want so badly to get back to where you were, as fast as possible…

I use an accessible and scientific surgery and injury support technique (ASSIST) that provides pain relief, decreased inflammation, wound healing, and tissue repair, all done from the convenience of your home.  

Clients report faster than expected recovery timelines, with their rehabilitation professionals asking what they did to have such great results.

This technique uses phototherapy patches — all of the benefits are in the patch. You just need a specialist to help you use them to their full potential. 

If you are curious, let’s get on a free 20 minute call.  I’d be happy to answer your questions and see if phototherapy would be a good fit for you or your family.

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