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5-Week irest® Series (OnlinE)

  • Join* Jill Still, Licensed Acupuncturist and Alaska’s 1st Certified iRest® Teacher on Fridays at 5pm to practice iRest®. *Note: Course materials, including your guided meditation, will be EMAILED to you on Friday at 5pm. You can then choose when to practice your session. (This is not a live-virtual opportunity.) Jill is available for questions throughout the entire 5 weeks.
  • Each week includes a 25-35 minute guided meditation.
  • Upon completion of the 5-week series, participants are fully capable of continuing the practice of iRest® in their everyday lives AND iRest® can be completed in as little as 5 minutes to restore deep peace, energy and mental clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions

This free class is an online ‘self-study’ format and NOT a live virtual course. Course materials will be EMAILED on the day/time of your course. Course materials include a weekly recorded guided meditation, a course workbook, and other materials specific to the week’s lesson.

Your instructor, Jill Still, is here for you during your 5 week series. You can email or call depending on the timeliness of the question. If it is an emergency, please dial 911.

The materials and recordings are only available to those that ‘book an appointment” and sign the consent form.  If you know of anyone interested, please have them CONTACT US. Yay!  Let’s get the word out to as many people to have access to this meditation tool.

‘Booking an appointment’ for this class is how you register for the course. By booking an appointment, you have also scheduled a time for yourself. This is your opportunity to make time for yourself and your practice of iRest®. There are many obligations and distractions that can keep us from practicing at home, so by ‘booking an appointment’ you have given yourself space and time to practice.

Since this is a self-study course, you can practice at a day/time that works for you. Course materials will always be sent at the scheduled day/time. However, when you choose to practice is flexible. I encourage you to ‘schedule’ time for your weekly practice during this 5-weeks.

I will let you know how many files are in the weekly materials. There will always be a guided meditation each week. If for some reason, it doesn’t show up on your end or you are having trouble opening/downloading any files, please email, text or call. Jill can help you troubleshoot!

The workbook is a tool, a resource, for those who like to learn more or like to ‘understand’ what they are doing. It is a helpful resource for many. It can be read BEFORE or AFTER your meditation. You can read it before and do the weekly topics in the workbook. This may assist you with the weekly meditation. You can also do the meditation first, get a feel for it, see what questions arise, then read the workbook to find answers. Then you can do the iRest® recording again and again. Each time you may have a different experience or different inquiries. The workbook is also an optional resource. You can simply listen to the guided meditations weekly. This is your practice and you can adapt to your learning style and needs.

“When I practice iRest® I notice that I have a sharper mental clarity and am able to relax faster to relieve both the mental and physical stress I’m under.”

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