5 Day Fertility Kickstarter

Kick start your fertility & give your body the best chance for a successful pregnancy

WHAT IS THE Fertility Kickstarter Program?

Whether you are just beginning your conception journey or have been struggling to achieve your goal of being a mom, this program provides daily helpful tips to reset, restore and rejuvenate your MIND and BODY. This program includes five themes of importance when trying to conceive:

  1. Calming the Mind
  2. Optimizing Fertility with Nutrition
  3. Improving Energy and Blood Circulation
  4. Nourishing the Uterus
  5. Preparing for Conception

What is unique about this program is the inclusion of AcuPatching™ recommendations, or at-home acupuncture treatment using light therapy patches to promote biochemical changes in the body to support increased fertility.

Who is the Program for? What can you expect?

This Program is designed specifically for YOU regardless of where you are in your conception journey. Things you can expect to achieve in these FIVE days:

  • Calmer Mental State
  • Improved Energy
  • Better Sleep
  • Warmer Body
  • Greater Blood Flow

Most importantly, you are equipped with several EASY, FUN and DOABLE everyday tools to support YOUR body in achieving pregnancy!

Designed by Fertility and Health Experts across North America, made available to you in your own home.

Mary Wong, author of the bestselling book Pathways to Pregnancy, Personal Stories and Practical Advice For Your Fertility Journey, in partnership with a team of leading health experts with over 70 years of combined health experience developed this program during a time when people had no or limited access to acupuncture treatments.  This is a groundbreaking program backed by science to help you enhance your fertility. Alpine Acupuncture is excited to share this program with Alaskans and others who have limited access to acupuncture or simply would like another tool to enhance their fertility.


All you need to do is BOOK the 5-Day Fertility Program and we will send a special kit with the Lifewave light therapy patches needed. The kit includes all the patches necessary to do the 5-Day Fertility Kickstarter Program for one person. You will also receive a simple checklist of other items needed to complete the daily helpful tips. This list is included in the welcome email as well as in the mailed out kit.

The Program is regularly $225 USD, but WE ARE OFFERING A SPECIAL. Now you can get your kit for $197 USD. Book the 5 Day Fertility Kickstarter Program HERE.

The 5-Day Fertility Kickstarter needs to be booked by the First Monday of every month. Print materials will be emailed and phototherapy patch kit will be mailed to your home. The first day of the kick starter is approximately the 3rd week of the month to give time for participants to receive their materials. If you need to get started at another time, please contact Jill at jill@alpinelac.com or (907) 796-9984.

Why Choose the 5-Day Fertility Kickstarter AcuPatching™ Program?
I don’t live near an acupuncturist or I have a fear of needles.
I want to continue the healing effects of my acupuncture treatments.
I want to feel empowered in my healthcare choices.
I can’t afford regular treatments in the clinic.

*Disclaimer: The information presented throughout this program is not medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It is not meant to take the place of your licensed health professional. This program and all materials included is developed strictly for educational purposed only. We make no representations, warranties or guarantees, verbally or in writing. Results may vary. Always seek the health advice of your physician or other health providers with any questions you may have regarding your condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking because of something you read, heard, or seen in this program. Jill Still is an Independent Lifewave Distributor.

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